Spinning Resources

spinning bikeThe title of my blog is my complicated life, because that is exactly what life is!  It is always complicated!  I must confess that my exercise routine has suffered int eh last few months because of my health and inability to stay motivated!  Have you ever felt like that? You want to get out and hit the pavement but everything hurts so bad and you just can’t do it.

Something new I’m trying is spinning because it is quick and easy.  It is easy because it doesn’t take all day.  It does get harder as you guy, but iti s nice to have a workout that doesn’t take a lot of hours.  If you are looking for something like that then spinning might be right for you.  You might event want to buy a spin bike.

If you look on the internet you will be able to see a lot of spin bike reviews that way you can check out something that might fit your needs.  Spin bikes have come a long way since the industry first started getting flooded with them.  Now they have some really great options out there that you might want to check out.

You can even find some really cool spin bike pedals!  The most important thing you need do is research what you are looking for in a spin bike.

If spinning is not for you then maybe you can try some HIT exercises.  My wife likes to do those and they are very quick.  In our culture everything is now, now, now.  The quicker we can get it done the better!

Spinning also gives you a great workout and can help you lose weight like it did for me! I look great, my energy levels are back and I’m able to ride for a greater distance now.

Thanks a lot for coming by and checking out my new post about my complicated life!

Protecting your harley motorcycle

harleyIf you are looking for the best motorcycle cover then you don’t need to look any further than this website.  I absolutely love what they are doing on that web page because it is no frills just pure content of the best of the best in motorcycle covers.  You can’t go wrong with their reviews because they are unbiased and they tell an accurate story.

When I first got my motorcycle I skimped on the cover thinking that my bike would be just fine, but boy was I wrong.  After that first winter I realized that I need to get a cover and I needed to get one fast!  I won a Harley, so I was of course looking for a cover to go with my Harley Davidson and I was glad i found the right one on their site.

On their page they talk a lot about this harley motorcycle cover, and I promise you that it is the best that is out there today!  It does the trick by keeping your motorcycle protected from all of the bad elemtns out there, giving you security and a piece of mind that this product is going to keep you on the road for a long time!

That is all we want really isn’t it?  We all want security in what we purchase and we don’t want to buy something that is going to leave us high and dry.  The folks at that site know what they are doing and know what they are talking abuot so you are in good hands wit them.

I love riding my motorcycle, and I really love it when it is working properly, and part of that means that you are taking good care of it.  Well, with a great cover you are already one step ahead by keeping your bike out of the sun, sleet, snow, and rain.  Think about how much longer you will be riding because you bought a nice cover.  Do the right thing and head over there today and purchase one.

Finding a great kegerator

edgestar-mini-kegerator-300x300I’m always looking for great sources and resources to make life a little easier.  Here lately I’ve been enjoying cold draft beer and I found a great place that is helping me find a kegerator to keep my kegs cold and give the cold draft beer that I want. I’m trying to find a great mini kegerator to hold my mini kegs, and they have helped me find one made by Edgestar.  I can’t wait to try it out soon.

Finding  A Great Kegerator

Another great thing about Kegerator Source is they review a lot of other sized kegerators too…like pony kegs.  A pony keg is an interesting size keg because it is only a fourth of the size of a full sized keg.  It is the perfect size if you don’t want a full or a mini.

I love kegs because they provide you with draft beer.  Draft beer is a lot better than in a can or a bottle.  Anyone that has ever been to a bar will tell you that!  The awesome thing is a lot of craft and micro breweries are coming out with a lot of mini kegs…giving me a lot more options to chose from.  It used to be that Newcastle and Heineken had the market pretty much covered with mini kegs, but not anymore.

What I look for in a kegerator is quality.  I want to have something that is going to last me a long time, and keep my beer cold for a long time.  I don’t want something that is only going to survive a year of use.  The price doesn’t play much of a factor, I’m mainly concerned about quality.  As long as the quality holds up then I am willing to pay a little bit more.

There are a lot of products out there so you have to be careful in what you get.  Make sure you check out the reviews, and ask around to see if anybody else has purchased a certain product.  I go to great links before I make a big purchase like this. I don’t want to waste my money, and I don’t want to compromise my favorite beer.

Kegs can be expensive, and I would hate to by a subpar kegerator and then lose my favorite beer in the process.  I’m thankful for http://www.kegeratorsource.org/ because they have given me the guidance I needed to make the right purchase.  If you have a minute, and you are looking for a great kegerator then you should head on over there and find what you need.