Get your motor roaring!

harleyA car doesn’t roar, a skateboard doesn’t roar, but a motorcycle….it ROARS!  You don’t see hybrid motorcycles because a hybrid can’t roar.  That feeling of that roar is amazing.  There is nothing like the vibration of that motorcycle.  That feeling of power.

A motorcycle is dangerous.  You are exposed.  It is exposed.  In that exposure lies danger.  This is what draws us to a motorcycle….that feeling of danger!  Cars are safe, but a motorcycle has an element of fear and danger to it.  Are you afraid?  If you are you should be!

A motorcycle doesn’t have a mind of its own, but it must be respected.  One of the ways you can disrespect a motorcycle is by not having a motorcycle cover to put on it!  Without protecting your motorcycle you will not be riding for long.

This is why yuo must respect it.  A car doesn’t ask for this type of respect because anyone can drive a car, but it takes a certain individual to saddle to a motorcycle.  So ask yourself…are you ready?  Are you ready to put yourself in a dangerous situation?

If you are not sure let me tell you this:  do you want to live life without knowing what that adrenaline feeling is like?  I know I dont!  I want to feel the fear…I want to feel the excitement and I cant feel it if I don’t get on it!

So, are you ready to get your motor roaring?  I think you are!  And now that it is winter make sure you get some nice winter motorcycle gear.  You never know when you might need something to help keep that bike looking clean for the road.

The next time I’m out on the road I want to see your motor roaring!  So full throttle on!